Friday, February 25, 2011

Dragon in Real Life

If you're not already reading my microfiction at Raincoat Flashers, my short-short fiction blog, you are missing out on all kinds of insanity.

If you are reading Raincoat Flashers, perhaps you'd like a deeper draught of Dragon.

You could, for instance, order a copy of Bards and Sages Quarterly, where my first published fiction, Spin Free, appears, along with lots of other great fiction.

You could also visit, where you'll find an entire YA novel, which I wrote all by myself! If enough people read and enjoy my book online, it will be sent to the editorial board at HarperCollins, and I might have a shot at publishing a novel. You'll get the pleasure of reading a far-out speculative fiction novel chock full of sex, lies, betrayal, food, cheerleaders, and mad scientists coupled with the pleasure of helping a dragon spread her wings.

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