Saturday, December 27, 2008

Promethea Book 5

Author: Alan Moore

Quote: I think she said she was going to end the world.

Why you should read this book: It's the Apocalypse, and everyone is going to be there as Promethea brings light to the world, opens the doors between realities, and compresses all of time and space to a single point, a single moment, illustrating the taut connection among every aspect of the universe. All plot lines are braided together, all lovers reunited, all disbelievers shown the true path. Issue 32 ties it all up with Moore's notes on language, consciousness, magic, and the eternal dance of spirit and matter (the original issue 32 was meant to be disassembled and reconstructed like a jigsaw puzzle into a large poster, which is also reproduced in miniature).

Why you shouldn't read this book: You're not going to be present for the Apocalypse, on account of going up to heaven in your physical body during the Rapture.

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