Friday, December 26, 2008

Promethea Book 3

Author: Alan Moore

Quote: All of us, we can only see in others what we recognize in ourselves, OK? Now, I'm an angel. We look at life, an' that's all we see, man. Angels.

Why you should read this book: Sophie continues her sojourn into knowledge when she decides to travel up the tree of life to heaven, following the Kabbalistic path and moving from the mortal to divine realms, so she can rescue the most recent Promethea, Barbara Shelley, from death. Back on Earth, an earlier, tougher incarnation of Promethea cleans up the town, according to her own morality, manifesting in the vessel of Sophie's best friend, Stacia. Lot of brilliant exposition helping the reader to understand the essence of human drives and human spirituality, topped with amazing visuals that churn tangibles out of ineffables.

Why you shouldn't read this book: You know it's your holy duty to do battle with evil in all its forms.

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