Monday, March 26, 2007

The Tragedy of Othello

Author: William Shakespeare

Quote: "My story being done, She gave me for my pains a world of kisses. She swore in faith 'twas strange, 'twas passing strange; 'Twas pitiful, 'twas wondrous pitiful. She wished she had not heard it; yet she wished That heaven had made her such a man. She thanked me, And bade me, if I had a friend that loved her, I should but teach him how to tell my story, and that would woo her. Upon this hint I spake."

Why you should read this book: Lies! Passion! Betrayal! Disaster! Romance! Murder! Excessive drunkenness! Swordplay! The drowning of the entire Turkish fleet! The honeyed words of the immortal Bard! What more can you really ask from a story?

Why you shouldn't read this book: Your only daughter has recently eloped with a man you consider a noble savage.

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