Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Amphigorey Again

Author: Edward Gorey

First line: Frivolity, at the edge of a Moral Swamp, hears Hymn-Singing in the Distance and dons the Galoshes of Remorse.

Why you should read this book: Published posthumously, this volume brings together several of Gorey's delightful alphabets, along with his other signature themes: freakishly illustrated escapades of obscure murders, pseudo-Victorian morality tales, and strangely-shaped creatures who take unsuspecting victims on meaningless adventures. It also contains work from the very end of his life, including the unfinished "The Izzard Book," a whimsical tribute to the letter Z.

Why you shouldn't read this book: You think pictures are for kids and you demand that everything you read make sense and come to a satisfying and understandable conclusion.

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