Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Andrew Henry's Meadow

Written by: Doris Burn

First line: Until that spring, Andrew Henry Thatcher lived with his family in the town of Stubbsville.

Why you should read this book: From an era in which most children's books were still terribly boring and offered little in the way of inspiration for the child mind comes this reprinted tale of a boy who liked to build things, much to the dismay of his unappreciative family. So Andrew Henry runs away and builds his own house, and then, as words spreads, eight more houses for other children whose parents don't appreciate their passions and gifts. Since it was written in 1965 and not 2015, the adventure ends after four days, sufficient time for the parents and families to realize how much they actually appreciate their children and their talent and interests.

Why you shouldn't read this book: You expect your pre-adolescent child get a lot farther than the meadow using their technology and skill set.

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