Friday, February 13, 2015

Cemetery Girl Book One: The Pretenders

Written by: Charlaine Harris

First line: I'm pretty sure I died.

Why you should read this book: On the one hand, pretty much every detail in this book (main character with amnesia, dark secrets; kid living in cemetery, able to see ghosts; teenagers dabbling in the dark arts, a ghost in search of justice, a cell phone with all the evidence on it) has been done before, but on the other, it's a decently satisfying story that seems to stake its own territory. Calexa Rose Dunhill isn't her real name, but she's happy to use a pseudonym while she figures out which close family or friend tried to kill her and leave her for dead on a dark and stormy night. Living in a crypt and spying in the darkness like a little ghost, she doesn't get much closer to solving her own mystery, but she does end up uniquely situated to solve someone else's.

Why you shouldn't read this book: You're sure your reanimation spells will work if you just kill enough people. Or, you're just looking for something a little more original.

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