Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Written by: Kieran Larwood

First line: Sheba gazed through her tiny window to the seaside view beyond.

Why you should read this book: A really lovely offering in the steampunk genre for young readers, Freaks shares the journey of Sheba, a sideshow attraction with wolfish features and, sometimes, a wolfish personality. Lonely throughout life, she is happy to be purchased by a larger sideshow and taken to Victorian London in the company of other career freaks, but when she finds herself embroiled in a scheme to kidnap impoverished children for diabolical purposes, Sheba is imbued with purpose. Along with her new friends, Monkeyboy, Sister Moon, Gigantus, Mama Rat, and six trained rodents, Sheba is determined to crack the conspiracy and save some children even less fortunate than she is.

Why you shouldn’t read this book: A fair amount of poo throwing may be off-putting to some readers.

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