Friday, June 21, 2013

Lizzie the Sweet Treats Fairy

Written by: Daisy Meadows

First line: "Having a tea party in the Orangery is going to be really fun!" Rachel exclaimed to her best friend Kirsty.

Why you should read this book: If you are little girl who loves everything as long as it involves rainbows, fairies, sparkles, cute animals, beautiful flowers, and tiny cakes, you may appreciate the prosaic adventure of Rainbow Magic, a seemingly endless series of books all featuring nearly identical plots, sadly predictable conflicts, and zero character development. Rachel and Kirsty are the undifferentiated BFFs who are friends with the fairies; the fairies are basically incompetent creatures who each depend on a magical artifact to perform their only task in life (in this case, Lizzie the Sweet Treats fairy needs her magical tiara or else no cook will ever be able to make a souffle rise or a tray of Jello set ever again) but are constantly foiled by incompetent goblins who keep stealing these artifacts. Although the goblins are total imbeciles who are completely harmless, easily distracted, and frequently working against their own self-interests, the fairies are unable to protect their all-important treasures from them or to reclaim the objects without help from a pair of elementary school girls who think a tea party in the Orangery is going to be really fun, and can only be made more enjoyable by an exciting table-setting class followed by an exciting voluntary silverware polishing session.

Why you shouldn't read this book: Do you like protagonists in novels to learn, grow, and change? Do you think antagonists should pose some sort of actual threat to the characters achieving their goals? Do you want the climax of a story to come as some sort of surprise? Do you own clothes that are neither pink nor sparkly? If so, Rainbow Magic may not be for you.

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