Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Learning to Swim in Swaziland: A Child's-Eye View of a Southern African Country

Written by: Nila K Leigh First line: When I was eight my mom and dad took me to live in Swaziland. Why you should read this book: A delightful work of nonfiction written and illustrated by an eight-year-old girl, based on a series of letter she sent home during her year abroad, discussing her experiences in a foreign country. Dress, customs, food, living arrangements, animals, language, and mythology are touched upon, and the bright crayon drawings are supplemented with photographs to provide a very real picture of the author's experience. Adorable and precocious, this is an excellent book for children who may be nervous about traveling to new places, as long as a nice introduction to a culture very different from their own. Why you shouldn't read this book: Not interested in other cultures or in what kids think about anything.

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