Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fortune's Magic Farm

Author: Suzanne Selfors

First line: Isabelle stood beneath a sky as gray as a pair of filthy socks.

Why you should read this book: In Runny Cove, where it rains all day, every day, orphan Isabelle and everyone else in town toil long hours at the Magnificently Supreme Umbrella Factory and come home to abusive landladies who feed them cabbage soup and force them to wash dishes. That all changes the day Isabelle’s secret errand to gather saltwater for her pet barnacle ends with an elephant seal sneezing a love apple onto her, for Isabelle is the sole heir to Fortune’s Magic Farm, a wonderful, sunny land where all magic is cultivated. Isabelle journeys across the ocean to claim her birthright, but all is not well on the farm, not since Isabelle’s mother left, and unless Isabelle can help her grandfather see the light, the farm and all of Runny Cove, possibly the entire world, is doomed.

Why you shouldn’t read this book: You don’t believe slugs, mushrooms, or moss have a right to live.

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