Monday, February 18, 2008

Ralphie and the Swamp Baby

Author: Vicky Rubin

First line: Ralphie hurried home from school, happily clutching his mud-wrestling trophy.

Why you should read this book: When a young alligator finds his accomplishments upstaged by an unhatched egg, he determines to return the interloper from whence it came. Armed with a bit of misinformation, he absconds with his unborn sibling into the swamp in search of a stork's nest to engage in the ultimate act of sibling rivalry. Even before the stork sets Ralphie straight on the origin of eggs, the little gator realizes that the egg has some potential and learns to love his sister.

Why you shouldn't read this book: You told your kids about the stork and you plan to keep telling your kids about the stork, and you don't need any smarmy stork undermining your authority or encouraging your kids to ask difficult questions about animal reproduction.

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