Tuesday, September 25, 2007

American Wholefoods Cuisine

Author: Nikki & David Goldbeck.

First line: Although New Year's Day, 1970, looked and felt like many others before, it was to be the most significant in our lives.

Why you should read this book: If you have ever thought embracing a healthier diet would benefit you and your family, this book, bursting with recipes, menus, nutritional information, and food preparation guidelines, is the perfect all-purpose resource. Wholefoods cuisine comprises a vegetarian perspective and cuts out unhealthy, high glycemic-index ingredients such as white flour and white sugar, but even junk-food loving carnivores will find plenty of toothsome treats in the 500+ pages (over 1300 recipes), along with appendicized instructions for those who don't know all that much about cooking in general. Recipes from around the world will show you how to substitute high-protein alternatives for meat, cook healthy desserts, and create positive impact through small changes in the way you think about food.

Why you shouldn't read this book: You consider participation in the obesity epidemic purely patriotic.

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