Saturday, July 28, 2007

Women and Other Animals

Author: Bonnie Jo Campbell

First line: Though Big Joanie senses something is wrong, she does not turn to look at the tiger.

Why you should read this book: Provocative and poetic, this collection won the AWP intro award for its eclectic mix of middle-American eccentrics and their individual journeys through a world by turns unthinkably bizarre and unquestionably mundane. In "Eating Aunt Victoria," two siblings joke between themselves as paramedics haul their dead mother's obese lover from the wreck of their front porch, in "Gorilla Girl," a wild creature trapped in a suburban girl's body seeks an outlet to express her true animal nature, and a teenager's nascent breasts take on divine significance in "The Sudden Physical Development of Debra Dupuise." Old houses, new trucks, fallow farms, and bizarre family traditions run through this excellent collection of tender and outrageous short stories.

Why you shouldn't read this book: You think women should be seen and not heard.


katzbox said... goes some more of the rent make me want to buy this I have to hide the check book again and fudge the numbers...dragon, this simply must stop. I cannot continue to be compelled to read these books. Carrying out a dead mothers obese lovers body??? I HAVE to read that. I HAVE TO!!!! I am compelled...

Dragon said...

in fact, the dead mother's obese lover is still alive and cussing them the whole time...